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Special Tours (year round)


We differentiate between “standard tours” and “special tours”.


Special tours for up to 150 persons are available all year round from 9:00 till 20:00 (start time). Please book in advance.
Schauinsland Mining Museum is one of only a few visitor mines in Europe which can easily run tours for up to 150 persons at a time, offering tours of 2.5 hours and 1.5 hours. Special tours of 45 minutes can accommodate even more visitors. 
From November to April, special tours are available on weekdays and Saturdays but not on Sundays and on public holidays.


A unique feature of the Mining Museum is the variety of experiences you get during the different length tours as well as their proximity to the mine entrance, avoiding the need for a long journey through an access tunnel.


General Special Tours:

  • 45-min special tour up to 25 persons  175 €,  each additional person +7 €
  • 1.5-hr special tour up to 20 persons  240 €, each additional person +12 €
  • 2.0-hr special tour up to 10 persons  200 €
  • 2.5-hr special tour up to 15 persons  285 €,  each additional person +19 €

School Classes:

  • 45-min special tour up to 25 primary school pupils/children 125 €, each additional child +5 €
    (These special tours are only available for children up to 4th grade.)
  • 45-min special tour up to 25 pupils 175 €, each additional child +7 €
    (These tours are for children 5th grade and older.)
  • 1.5-hr special tour up to 25 pupils  250 €,  each additional pupil +10 €
  • 2.5-hr special tour up to 15 pupils  255 €,  each additional pupil +17 €

Children’s birthdays (children’s parties):

  • Option I: 5 to max. 7 years   1.5-hr-children’s birthday up to 10 children 125 €, each additional child/accompanying person +10 €, recommended age 5 to max. 7 years (pre-school age)
  • Option II: 7 to 10 years   2.5-hr-children’s birthday up to 10 children 175 €, each additional child/accompanying person +15 €
  • Option III: 10 to 15 years   2.5-hr-children’s birthday up to 10 children 175 €, each additional child/accompanying person +15 €

Special tours always require a fixed booking and prepayment, as well as a full postal address with a mobile phone number.


You can easily book special tours by email, phone, post or fax.


You will receive an electronic reservation confirmation / invoice with VAT shown separately. The booking becomes effective as soon as payment is received. Special tours always require a fixed booking and prepayment.


Bookings can be made by email, phone, post or fax and are only accepted if they include a full postal address and mobile phone number.


Provided time slots are available, special tours and reservations can also be booked at short notice at the office or by telephone using a credit card with a valid expiry date. Nevertheless, we recommend booking in good time to ensure that your desired dates are available. For special tours / reservations, customer cancellation with reimbursement is possible up to 7 days before the booked date.

Please note

Our mine tours are independent of weather conditions. In the underground mine, the temperature remains constant at +10 °C all year round, with high humidity.


Each group is accompanied by a tour guide who will be happy to assist you and also bring you back should you wish to return early at any point.


Tours start promptly at the appointed time from the entrance of the Mining Museum at the top of Schauinsland Mountain.


Our 1.5-hr, 2-hr and 2.5-hr special tours require normal levels of fitness and reasonable physical condition (e.g. no heart problems or severe claustrophobia). You will be required to climb solid, sloping ladders of 2 to 6m length. Every tour will be accompanied by a guide who will be happy to assist you.


There are no special requirements for the 45-minute tour. Street clothing and normal footwear are sufficient. We recommend that you bring a warm jacket.


The longer 1.5-hr and 2.5-hr tours, including children’s birthdays/children’s parties, however, require warm clothing and sturdy, more substantial footwear, preferably hiking shoes. Clothing and footwear may get dirty!


You can choose to discontinue a tour at any point.


Minimum age requirements for 1.5-hr and 2.5-hr tours

For 1.5-hr, 2-hr, 2.5-hr special tours and 2.5-hr children’s birthdays (children’s parties) Option III with ladder descent we recommend a minimum age of 12 years. With sufficient physical fitness we will accept participants from 10 years of age. Participating children must therefore be at least 10 years old.


You can find examples under “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” with relation to health & safety.


You can also find the necessary requirements here.


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