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Option II, 2.5 hours

2.5-hr Children’s Birthday / 175 € for up to 10 children without ladder descent, recommended age: 7 to 10 years

each additional child/accompanying person +15 €


Age-appropriate tour on even terrain through the Gegentrum II-gallery (+1.189 m) of the Mining Museum Schauinsland. At the end you get a good view into the 50m deep transport shaft to the 4th field section above Kappler level (4th FK). The modern chambers 1 and 2 that we have blasted out impress with their size, our numerous restored mine locomotives and the underground workshop. As part of the tour, a pneumatic hammer drill and a throwing shovel loader will be demonstrated.


Afterwards the children can ride a rail bike and then take part in an exciting treasure hunt over several different locations, using a treasure map.


The tour finishes with a BBQ for all participants.


FGS 04/2020