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The Mining Museum is situated at the top of Schauinsland Mountain which is at the heart of excellent transport links and easily reachable via public roads from any direction. There are plenty of free parking spaces on the summit.

The Schauinsland is located 15km south of Freiburg, 50km north of Switzerland (Basel) and 50km east of France (Colmar) and is easily reachable thanks to an extensive road network. At its summit there is a 31m high observation tower and at 1.284m it is one of the highest mountains in the Black Forest. In clear weather, the Schauinsland offers a fantastic view all the way to the Swiss Alps, thus being true to its name.


By car

The Mining Museums at the top of Schauinsland Mountain can easily be reached on public roads. There are three large car parks on the summit with plenty of parking spaces.

  • From Freiburg via Günterstal and Schauinsland Road L 124 from the North
  • Dreisamtal via Kirchzarten, Hofsgrund L 126 from the East
  • Todtnau via access road Schauinsland L 124 from the South
  • Münstertal via Stohrenstraße K 4957 from the West

The drive from Freiburg to the Mining Museum at the top of the Schauinsland will only take you around 30 minutes. You can easily find the way thanks to the many signposts directing you to the “Schauinsland”, which you can find along roads all over the Freiburg area.

Approximate journey times by car:

  • Freiburg – Summit car park L 124 (close to Mining Museum), 30 minutes
  • BAB A5 Departing from Freiburg Mitte – Summit car park L 124, 45 minutes


Museums-Bergwerk Gipfelparkplatz: Schauinslandstr. 390 + 79100 Freiburg (near 79254 Oberried)
There are plenty of parking spaces and it’s only 400m to the entrance of the Mining Museum.



By coach

CAREFUL! Please note the height restriction of 3.6m going through the city gate at Freiburg-Günterstal along the route Freiburg-Centre to the valley station in Horben. Taking this access road is only necessary if you are going to go up by Schauinslandbahn Cable Car.

Otherwise you can come via the L 126, from Kirchzarten, direction Schauinsland. That’s a good alternative route and also has fewer bends than the L 124 via Freiburg-Günterstal. In detail: Kirchzarten L 126, Oberried direction Todtnau, turn off in Hofsgrund, direction Schauinsland, look out for signs to the “Museums-Bergwerk”.

Both routes will take around 30 minutes.

There are free bus parking spaces at both the valley and the mountain summit station.


By Public Transport: ÖPNV: Schauinslandbahn + Südbadenbus

Schauinsland Mountain can be reached from Freiburg using comfortable and environmentally friendly public transport. There are two ways to reach us:

By VAG-Stadtbahnlinie 2 (tram) + Bus 21, then Schauinslandbahn (cable car). Operating hours of the cable car fit well with the opening times of the Mining Museum and it’s only a 400m walk from the mountain station to the Museum entrance.

From Freiburg-Centre it takes around 60 minutes by tram, bus and cable car (Schauinslandbahn) to the top of the Schauinsland. Please allow a little extra time. From the mountain station of the Schauinslandbahn to the entrance of the Mining Museums it’s a 400m walk. You will need to purchase a ticket for the Schauinslandbahn cable car.

Prices for the Schauinslandbahn


If coming from the Dreisamtal (valley of Dreisam), take the SBG bus line 7215 from Kirchzarten train station to the stop “Halde” in 30 minutes. It will take you another 30 minutes on foot to reach the Mining Museum. If you have a Regio-Karte (Konuskarte), the Südbadenbus (SBG) is free.

Sat/Sun/Holidays from the middle of May until the end of September, SBG number 7215 line goes up to the Schauinslandbahn mountain station at almost hourly intervals, from Freiburg central station (Freiburg-Kirchzarten by train), with journey times of around 50 minutes.


When coming from the Wiesental via Todtnau, the closest bus stop of SBG bus line 7215 is Schauinsland Halde. From there it is a 30 minute walk in the direction Schauinsland-summit to reach the Mining Museum.

Timetable for bus line 7215

South side of Schauinsland Mountain, the church in Hofsgrund on the left. The Mining Museums is at an altitude of 1.189m.


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