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School Classes 2.5 hours

2.5-hr Special Tour / 285 € for up to 15 pupils

up to 15 pupils 285 €, each additional pupil +19 €


Our most comprehensive tour, covering all three publicly accessible levels. After an expert introduction to the mine in the Gegentrum II-gallery (+1.189m) you will experience a descent using 6 ladders and covering an altitude difference of 23 meters to the next lower level with narrower sections that were excavated 500 years ago, using hammer and chisel. There you can admire an original 250-year-old wooden water pump as well as wooden rails for the “pit carts” of that time. Also included is a visit to the modern 5th field section (5th FK) with mined vein (mining depth 60m). A pneumatic hammer drill will be demonstrated here.
Further descent over 25 vertical meters and 7 ladders to the 4th field section, the lowest of a total of three levels in our tour area. Here you can experience the “holiday apartment” lounge. The view into the largest excavation cavity in corridor III with the new steel bridge is particularly spectacular. In corridor VI which hasn’t been fully mined (mineral find), you can also see the two main ores sphalerite and argentiferous galena as well as the “luxury toilet”. A throwing shovel loader will be demonstrated here.
The route has a total length of 1.800 m and includes descents and ascents over a total of 13 ladders stretching over a total of 48 vertical meters.


A superior experience: With these tours, the Schauinsland is right at the top of European visitor mines! For special interest groups from 10th grade upwards we recommend the 2.5-hr special tour, for example for aptitude or advanced knowledge courses.


FGS 12/2021