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Special 2.0-hr Tour

2-hr Special Tour for up to 10 persons 210 €, more participants not recommended


Special tour for small groups of up to 10 persons, saving time on ladder ascents/descents thanks to the restricted number of participants.


Mostly equivalent to the long 2.5-hr special tour, however omitting the 5th field section.


You will also have the opportunity to taste some mine Schnapps.


You can easily book special tours by email, phone, post or fax.


You will receive an electronic reservation confirmation / invoice with VAT shown separately. The booking becomes effective as soon as payment is received.
Special tours always require a fixed booking and prepayment.
Bookings can be made by email, phone, post or fax and are only accepted if they include a full postal address and mobile phone number.
Provided time slots are available, special tours and reservations can also be booked at short notice at the office or by telephone using a credit card with a valid expiry date. Nevertheless, we recommend booking in good time to ensure that your desired dates are available. For special tours / reservations, customer cancellation with reimbursement is possible up to 7 days before the booked date.


FGS 04/2020