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The research group Steiber operates the Mining Museum and the Downinsland Scooter Track.


Schauinsland Mining Museum/Black Forest

The people from Freiburg like to call the Schauinsland mountain their “home mountain”, as the city boundaries do in fact include the summit. The mountain is remarkably diverse, can be described using a range of superlatives, and in good weather lives up to its name (view on the land). Its former name was ‘Erzkasten’ (“ore box”), owing to the biggest lead, zinc and silver mine of the Schwarzwald and the Vogesen which is located inside the mountain, 100km long and spread over 22 levels.
The highest lying mine gallery is found just 50m below the summit of the Schauinsland, at 1248m above sea level. The Schauinsland mine reached its deepest level of 350m above sea level in 1952, a few years before being decommissioned. As such, the 900m depth of the mine is even larger than the Downinsland Scooter Tracks altitude difference of 750m. It was due to the hard work of the silver miners over 800 years that the town of Freiburg was able to increase its wealth and build its cathedral. Freiburg cathedral is the only great gothic church in Germany which was built and completed in the Middle Ages. Surprised? The best areas of the Schauinsland mine can be experienced up close in various adventurous tours offered by the Schauinsland Mining Museum. The longest, 2.5 hour tour can also be enjoyed as a bad weather alternative to the Scooter Track (for special groups and those with reservations).

The Downinsland scooter track Schauinsland/Black Forest

The 8 km longest scooter track in Europe offers a very special kind of adventure, coupled with an intensive experience of nature. Using downhill scooters with high performance hydraulic disc brakes, you will travel over specially prepared and signposted forest paths all the way to the valley station. Starting at 1220m (issuing point at the mountain cable car station) you will scooter through the Schauinsland nature reserve with its deciduous and coniferous forest and stunning views towards the Rhine Valley, the Kaiserstuhl and the Vosges Mountains. In around an hour you will travel 8km downhill with an altitude difference of 750m.

Juwelier Steiber

Gewissermaßen die Keimzelle der Freizeitbetriebe ist das bereits in der dritten Generation geführte Juweliergeschäft in Oberlinden 16 am Schwabentor in Freiburg, wo sich auch die Geschäftsstelle befindet. Dort aufgewachsen, wurde Berthold Steiber die Liebe zu Silber und schönen Steinen bereits in die Wiege gelegt.

Noch heute wird hier Wert gelegt auf solide Verarbeitung zu fairem Peis mit fachlich versierter Beratung. Angeboten werden Silber- und Goldschmuck für jeden Anlass. Spezialität des Hauses ist ein breites Angebot an Bernstein- und Perlschmuck, außerdem führen wir Schmuckreparaturen aus. Lassen Sie sich verzaubern…


FGS 02/2023