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Technical information

The toboggan and sled lift Schauinsland

is 180m long and is powered by a 9.2 kW (12.5 HP) electric engine. Spaced around 8.5m apart you will find plastic bars attached to the pull cable (steel cable with a diameter of 8mm and a break load of over 4 tons). Our staff personally attach each individual toboggan to a bar by means of a synthetic rope with a large loop. You can also rent these from us for a deposit of 2 €. At the upper station the toboggans are pulled up a small ramp and detach automatically. Once detached, the area has to be vacated immediately! The correct automatic detachment is controlled by a safety feature which will stop the toboggan lift immediately should there be a problem. After a re-start, the toboggan lift will begin to move gently (frequency converter), so that toboggans with small children do not jerk and cause them to fall out. A speed of around 1 m/sec (3.6km/h) is a good compromise between comfort and performance. It also keeps waiting times at a reasonable level, even during the busiest periods.
Our system where staff hook up each individual sled is unusual for toboggan lifts and has proved a great success for over 15 years. It allows for the use of affordable synthetic rope (only 2 € deposit) and offers a high level of safety, even for smaller children.

Our toboggan and sled slope is 300m long, with an altitude difference of around 30m, it is therefore not very steep. It is a south facing slope above the Hofsgrund at 1150m above sea level and has a fabulous view over the Feldberg. A safety fence separates the actual toboggan slope from the lift track. It also secures the bottom end of the slope. At the lower lift station you can find our Bistro serving warm drinks. In the Bistro you can also buy tickets for the lift, rent synthetic ropes and get advice. Toilets are also available on the other side of the building.


We take exceptional care with the preparation and maintenance of our sled and toboggan run. Regular maintenance of the slope with a PistenBully is a prerequisite for sledging fun. We also provide public toilets for as long as the lift is in operation. The financial cost of this service is considerable and can only be recovered through takings from the toboggan lift.

Toboggan ride at one’s own risk!


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